Evolution and Behaviour

The research cluster “Evolution and Behaviour” consists in three teams which are interested in the diversity and in the evolution of food and reproductive behavior in model insects.

– team EVOLBEE “Cognition, reproduction and adaptation in bees”, directed by Jean-Christophe Sandoz, develops researches on the genetic and nervous bases of olfaction and their evolution in Hymenoptera. The team also studies underlying rules of reproductive behavior of bees and of their adaptation to their environment.

– team EPCC “Evolution and plasticity of the cognitive capacities”, directed by Frédéric Méry, studies evolutive biology of social interactions and of social learning.

-team PACS “Pheromons, food, chimioreception and sexual selection”, directed by Frédéric Marion-Poll, is interested in the nature and the role of chemical signals coming from food or sexual origin and implicated in the adaptation of the drosophila to their environment and also in the recognition and the choice of the sexual partner.

By pooling questions and know hows of its teams, the cluster Evolution and Behaviour, develops an integrative approach of the food and reproductive behaviors, from the study of molecular and physiological  mechanisms which underlie behaviors (transmission-receiving of signals) to that of evolutive pressures that act at the scale of groups of individuals.

The teams develop and share experimental approaches which are specific of this cluster, and are essentially based on individuals: behavioural observations, electrophysiology, neuro-anatomy and functional imaging methods, conditioning and learning devices, analysis of chemical signals.