Evolution and Ecology

Pôle évolution et écologie

Our researches aim to understand the impact of global changes on insect’s diversity, abundance and ecology in the context of food security and public health. We are working on insect models with positive outcome on human well-being such as natural enemies of crop pests, edible insects and pollinators, either negative outcome such as crop pests and vectors of mammal parasites. Objectives are to identify the mechanisms underlying insect responses to biotic and abiotic pressures, and to predict subsequent global change impacts towards applied perspectives in environmental management and biodiversity conservation. The main study sites are located in continental Europe, East and Central Africa, and Latin America.

Keywords: Faunistic, taxonomy, molecular systematics, biogeography, phylogeography, population dynamics, community ecology, population genetics, coevolution, speciation mechanisms, disturbance, invasive species, mitochondrial DNA, microsatellites, GIS, tropical Africa, Cameroon, Kenya, America South Brazil, Ecuador, Guyana, Poaceae, Zea mays, Sorghum, Pennisetum, Setaria, Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Busseola spp, Sesamia spp, Gelechiidae, Tecia solanivora, Phthorimaea opercullela, Symmetrischema tangolias, Hymenoptera, Braconidae, PolyDNAvirus, Cotesia sesamiae, Cotesia flavipes, Wolbachia, Reduviidae, Rhodnius spp.

Team Members :

Campus CNRS de Gif-sur-Yvette
DEEIT_PAGE_ID_MougelHéloïse Bastide, Professor, Paris-Sud 11. DEEIT_PAGE_IDPaul-André Calatayud, Research Scientist, IRD.
DEEIT_PAGE_ID_CapdevielleDulacClaire Capdevielle-Dulac, Engineer, IRD. DEEIT_PAGE_ID_CartonYves Carton, Senior Research Scientist Emeritus, CNRS.
Lionel Garnery, Professor, Université Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines. DEEIT_PAGE_ID_HarryMyriam Harry, Professor, Paris-Saclay.
DEEIT_PAGE_IDRémi Jeannette, Technician, IRD. DEEIT_PAGE_ID_KaiserLaure Kaiser-Arnauld, Senior Research Scientist, CNRS.
DEEIT_PAGE_ID_LegallPhilippe LeGall, Research Scientist, IRD. Hélène, Legout, Engineer, CNRS.
Taiadjana Marques Fortuna, Engineer, IRD. Hubert Marteau, Technician, IRD.
Marie Merle, PhD student, Université Paris-Saclay, France. Isabelle Merle, postDoc, IRD.
Étienne Minaud, PhD student, ABIES, France. Alice Michel-Salzat, Professor, Université Paris Diderot.
DEEIT_PAGE_ID_MougelFlorence Mougel, Professor, Paris-Saclay. François Rebaudo, Engineer, IRD.
Baptiste Régnier, PhD student, ABIES, France. Fabrice Requier, Research Scientist, IRD.
Stéphane Aumasson, Technician, CNRS. Malena Sibaja Leyton, PhD student, ED ABIES, AgroParisTech, France.
Clémence Riva, postDoc, IRD. Sacha Revillon, PhD student, ED SDSV, Université Paris-Saclay, France.
Universidad de Los Andes
DEEIT_PAGE_ID_DupasStéphane Dupas, Research Scientist, IRD. DEEIT_PAGE_IDCamilo Patarroyo, PhD student, UniAndes, Colombie.
DEEIT_PAGE_IDNuambote, Ovide Yobila, PhD student, ABIES AgroParisTech, France. Bonoukpoè Mawuko, Sokamé, postDoc, ICIPE, Kenya.

PhD manuscripts of the students trained since 2004:

2004- Kergoat Gaël J. – The Bruchidius genera (Coleoptera, Bruchidae): a model to study the evolutionary relationships between insects and plants.

2006- Sezonlin Michel – Phylogeography and population genetic of the cereal stem borer Busseola fusca (Lepiudoptera: Noctuidae), in sub-Saharan Africa, impact for the biological control of this insect.

2008- Chabaud Marie-Ange – Developement of appetitive conditionings and analysis of individual and group memory performances in appetitive and aversive contexts in Drosophila.

2008- Félix Anne-Emmanuelle – Chemical ecology and phylogenetic approaches in three African Lepidoptera species of genus Busseola (Noctuidae).

2009- Branca Antoine – Ecological diversification of the African parasitoid Cotesia sesamiae : role of symbiotic partners.

2009- Mailafiya Duna Madu – Diversity and ecological preference of parasitoids associated with lepidopteran stem borers in Kenya.

2009- Ong’amo George Otieno – Diversity, Ecology and population dynamics of lepidopteran stem borers in Kenya.

2010- Juma Gérald – Basis of host plant recognition and acceptance by Busseola fusca larvae (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae).

2010- Meshack Obonyo Amos Awino – Basis of host recognition by the larval endoparasitoids: Cotesia sesamiae Cameron et Cotesia flavipes (Cameron) (Hymenboptera: Braconidae).

2011- Quartier Marion – Study of the impact of anthropization on the evolutionary ecology of the vectors of Chagas disease, case of three communities of Tapajós in the Brazilian Amazon.

2010- Torres-Leguizamon Magaly – Genetical study of Tecia Solanivora (Povolny 1973).

2012- Crespo-Perez Veronica – Global changes and distribution modeling of invasive insect pests in the Tropical Andes.

2012- Rebaudo François – Spatio-temporal modeling of pests dynamics in social-ecological systems.

2013- Bertrand Bénédicte – Analysis of the genetic diversity of bee populations of the West-Mediterranean lineage of bees (Apis mellifera mellifera): Application to conservation.

2013- Glaser Nicolas – Contribution of the chemical senses to new environment : a transcriptomic study in the stemborer Sesamia nonagrioides (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae).

2013- Chardonnet Floriane – Role of the foraging gene in the evolution of the feeding behaviour of the noctuid cereal stemborers.

2015- Faye Emile – Thermal landscapes and pest dynamic in Andean tropical agrosystems.

2015- Petit Christophe – Induction of olfactory and gustatory preferences by cereal lepidopteran stem borers in East Africa: effect of pre-imaginal and imaginal experiences.

2016- Marchant Axelle – The process of domiciliation of hematophagus bugs vectors of Chagas disease: contribution of the chemosensory transcriptome study.

2018- Arnauld Becheler – Environmental demogenetic model.

2019- Benoist Romain – Behavioural, physiological and genetic basis of the reproductive success of a hymenopteran parasitoid.

2020- Bichang’a Gladys – Biochemical and molecular aspects of host recognition and acceptance by Cotesia spp. populations in coastal and western Kenya.

2020- Bonoukpoè Sokame – Functioning of a community of lepidopteran maize stemborers and associated parasitoids following the fall armyworm invasion in Kenya.