Evolution and Ecology (DEEIT team)


Diversity, Ecology and Evolution of Tropical Insects

The researches conducted by the DEEIT team (Diversité Ecologie et Evolution des Insectes Tropicaux) address the impact of global changes on the taxonomical and molecular diversity, demography, and ecology of tropical insects, namely pest species (crop pests, and pathogen vectors) or useful species (eatable insects and natural enemies).Our aims are to model these impacts in the context of food security and public health and to study the evolutionary mechanisms of the responses. To address these issues, the team gathers complementary expertise including systematics, phylogeny, community ecology, thermal ecology, population genetics and dynamics, genomic, transcriptomic, behavior, sensory physiology and modelling. Our field sites are located in East and Central Africa, and in Amazonian and Andean South America.

Keywords: Faunistic, taxonomy, molecular systematics, biogeography, phylogeography, population dynamics, community ecology, population genetics, coevolution, speciation mechanisms, disturbance, invasive species, mitochondrial DNA, microsatellites, GIS, tropical Africa, Cameroon, Kenya, America South Brazil, Ecuador, Guyana, Poaceae, Zea mays, Sorghum, Pennisetum, Setaria, Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Busseola spp, Sesamia spp, Gelechiidae, Tecia solanivora, Phthorimaea opercullela, Symmetrischema tangolias, Hymenoptera, Braconidae, PolyDNAvirus, Cotesia sesamiae, Cotesia flavipes, Wolbachia, Reduviidae, Rhodnius spp.

Team Members :

CNRS campus (Gif-sur-Yvette, France) :

DEEIT_PAGE_ID_KaiserLaure Kaiser-Arnauld, Senior Research Scientist, CNRS, Director of the Research Team DEEIT. DEEIT_PAGE_ID_CapdevielleDulacClaire Capdevielle-Dulac, Research Officer (IE) IRD.
DEEIT_PAGE_ID_CartonYves Carton, Research Director Emeritus, CNRS. DEEIT_PAGE_ID_HarryMyriam Harry, Professor, Paris-Sud 11.
 DEEIT_PAGE_ID_LegallPhilippe LeGall, Senior Research Scientist, IRD.  DEEIT_PAGE_ID_MougelFlorence Mougel, Professor, Paris-Sud 11.
 François Rebaudo, Senior Research Officer (IR), IRD. Taiadjana Marques Fortuna, Senior Research Officer (IR), IRD.
Rémi JeannetteDEEIT_PAGE_ID, Research Technician (TR), IRD. Héloïse Bastide, Professor, Paris-Sud 11.

UNIAndes (Bogota, Colombia)

DEEIT_PAGE_ID_DupasStéphane Dupas, chargé de recherches (HDR), IRD.

ICIPE (Nairobi, Kenya):

DEEIT_PAGE_IDPaul-André Calatayud, Senior Research Scientist, IRD

PhD students and VIA:

Bonoukpoè Mawuko, Sokamé, University of Nairobi, Kenya, hosted at ICIPE (direction Calatayud P.-A.). Jean De Matha N’Dengue, University of Douala, Cameroun.
Gladys Bichang’a, University of Nairobi, Kenya, hosted at ICIPE (direction Calatayud P.-A.). Romain Benoist, ED 227 Sciences de la Nature et de l’Homme, Université Paris 6, France.
DEEIT_PAGE_IDCamilo Patarroyo, DEEIT_PAGE_IDDjimefo, Georges Parfait,