Evolution and genomes

The research cluster “Evolution and genomes” is composed of three teams which are interested in the evolution of the structure and function of genomes, at the organisms or populations or species scale.

RESGEN team “Genes networks, development and evolution” directed by Didier Casane, studies the dynamics of gene families or networks under evolution, in relation with development and/or adaptation.

IGGIPOP team “Genetic interactions and invasive genes in populations” directed by Aurélie Hua-Van is interested in evolution of complex genetic systems and in genes whith a non-mendelian transmission, their own dynamics and their impact on the general evolution of the genome.

POLYGNOME team “Polyploidy, architecture and complexity of genomes” directed by Nicolas Pollet carries researches on the evolution of the structure and complexity of the genome, as a whole and in relation with different cellular and developmental processes.

Three research themes are explored through synergy: (i) “Selfish genes”, their evolution and their impact on dynamic and seize of genomes. (ii) Interactions within genomes, especially at the scale of gene networks which are part of phenotype realisation or help developmental or physiological or of the cellular cycle processes to be set up. (iii) The importance of genetic and epigenetic factors in evolution and adaptation.

Approaches are that of compared biology, of genomics, of genetics and of theoretical biology. All use the tools of molecular biology and of bio-informatics, and lead to the making of scripts and specific tools for research/sequence analysis (molecular evolution, phylogeny) and for high throuput data treatment.