EGCE teams have diversified grants apart from ANR.

DEEIT team (Laure Kaiser-Arnauld and Philippe Le Gall) and IGGIPOP team (Arnaud Le Rouzic) received grants from Labex BASC in 2018.

DEEIT team (Myriam Harry) received a grant from INRA for the Dynamiques project (2016-2020). This team (Olivier Dangles) also received a grant from FRB-FFEM for the BioTHAW project (2012 – 2018), a grant from the Mc Knight Foundation for the project LEGUMIP (2017 – 2019) and a grant  from AFD for the project CHALPI-FLOW (2017 – 2018).

PACS team (Frédéric Marion-Poll) received a grant from the COMUE from University Paris-Saclay for his project IDI 2017 (2017 – 2020).