ANR Transvir

Clément Gilbert obtained an ANR grant for his project Transvir (01-04-2017 à 30-09-2020).


ANR Bacneurodro

The PACS team received an ANR grant for the project Bacneurodro  (01-10-2017 à 31-12-2020) coordinated by Frédéric Marion-Poll.


ANR Bee-O-Choc

The team Evolbee received an A.N.R. named Bee-O-Choc (01-01-2018 à 31-12-2021) coordinated by Jean-Christophe Sandoz.


ANR Cotebio

The DEEIT team received a grant A.N.R. named Cotebio (01-04-2018 à 31-03-2022) coordinated by Laure Kaiser-Arnauld.


ANR TranspHorizon

The team IGGIPOP received a grant A.N.R.named TranspHorizon- Horizontal transfers of transposable elements: What makes genome invasions successful? (2020- 2024) coordinated by Aurélie Hua-Van.