Oncoming seminars (at the EGCE library or in another IDEEV conference room):

Seminars IDEEV at 12 am every Friday allowing exceptions

* Vendredi 15 avril 12h IDEEV Salle Vavilov

“wtf genes are ancient meiotic drivers”

Mickael De Carvalho – GQE

* Vendredi 22 avril 12h IDEEV Salle Vavilov

“History of hybrid maize: concepts and practical lessons”

Alain Charcosset- GQE

* Vendredi 29 avril 12h

* Vendredi 6 mai 12h

* Vendredi 6 mai 12h

* Vendredi 13 mai 12h

* Vendredi 20 mai 12h

* Mardi 24 mai 11h30 IDEEV Salle Vavilov

“A massive transposon carrying meiotic drive genes”

Aaron Vogan, Uppsala University

* Vendredi 27 mai 12h

(pont ascension)

* Mardi 31 mai 12h

* Vendredi 3 juin 12h

* Vendredi 10 juin 12h IDEEV Salle Vavilov

‘Proliferation of spliceosomal introns via gene duplications during the origin of the eukaryotic cell’

Berend Snel, Theoretical Biology & Bioinformatics, Dept. of Biology, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

* Mardi 14 juin 12h  IDEEV Salle Vavilov mode hybride

“Evolutionary causes and consequences of sex differences”

Gemma Puixeu Sala – IST Austria

* Vendredi 17 juin 12h IDEEV Salle Vavilov

Hélène Fréville, Equipe: Evolutionary Genomics and Population management, UMR AGAP, Montpellier