Jonathan, Filée

Permanent Researcher (CR1), CNRS.

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Evolutionnary genomics of Viruses and Transposons

Viruses are ubiquitous components of the biosphere and their number exceeds that of cells by at least an order of magnitude. This abundance is also accompanied by an extraordinary diversity in genome size, composition and organisation and viruses have been divided into many different classes based on these criteria. These observations raise multiple questions about the origin and evolution of different viral classes.

My researches focus on the diversity and genome evolution of various classes of mobile elements including large DNA viruses and phages, Retroviruses/Retrotransposons and DNA transposons. I’m also interested by the evolutionary relationships between these elements and their cellular hosts i.e. lateral gene exchange and exaptation of viral genes to accomplish cellular processes.

Curriculum vitae

2000 : DEA « Biodiversité : Génétique, Histoire et Mécanisme de l’évolution », Université Paris XI Orsay (France).
2000-2003 : PhD degree, Université Paris XI Orsay (France), IGM (Patrick Forterre Lab).
2003-2007 : Postdoc, Université Toulouse III (France), LMGM (Henry Krisch and Mick Chandler Labs).
2007- : Permanent Researcher (CR), CNRS, LEGS


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