Isabelle, Merle

Postdoctoral researcher

Agronomy, plant pathology, agroecology, ecological modeling



My research involves field trials and ecological modeling to study the effect of microclimate and management practices on diseases, pests and pollinators in agro-ecosystems such as tropical perennial agroforestry systems. I am interested in the development of decision support tools including these environmental drivers but also the socio-economic component through multi-agent modeling.


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Merle, I., Pico, J., Granados, E., Boudrot, A., Tixier, P., Virginio Filho, E.M., Cilas, C., Avelino, J. (2020) Unraveling the complexity of coffee leaf rust behavior and development in different Coffea arabica agro-ecosystems. Phytopathology 110, 418-427.

Rohrlich, C., Merle, I., Mze Hassani, I., Verger, M., Zuin, M., Besse, S. (2018) Variation in physiological host range in three strains of two species of the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria. PLoS One, 13(7), e0199199.

Boudrot, A., Pico, J., Merle, I., Granados, E., Vílchez, S., Tixier, P., Virginio Filho, E.M., Casanoves, F., Tapia, A., Allinne, C., Rice, R.A., Avelino, J. (2016) Shade effects on the dispersal of airborne Hemileia vastatrix uredospores. Phytopathology 106, 572–580.