Edible insects

Edible insects are trendy: Philippe Le Gall (DEEIT) was invited to talk in the “Cabaret de la Science” broadcast led by Fred Courant from “L’esprit Sorcier” at the Cité des Sciences the 6th and 7th of October 2018. To listen to the broadcast, please click here.

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Fête de la Science

EGCE will be part of the Science Festival operation in the  Village des Sciences in Moulon friday the 12, saturday the 13 and sunday the 14 of October 2018 under the IDEEV banner . Come and have a chat with scientists about their researches!

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How do cancerous drosophila react?

Frédéric Méry (EPCC) co-autored research on the behavior of cancerous drosophila. He collaborated with a team from Montpellier, one in Gif-sur-Yvette and with researchers in Spain and in Australia. Together they reported that the cancerous flies showed less symptoms of their desease when they are part of a group of other cancerous flies as compared to cancerous flies part of a group of healthy flies or when they are isolated. It is still impossible to draw conclusions for human beings.

This work was published  in Nature Communication and are also advertised in Quotidien du Médecin.

F. Méry was invited by the radio broadcast “La une de la science” on France Inter the 09/06/2018 for this work. The Figaro magazine (09/14/2018) wrote an article about these results.

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Surveying crested newts

Victor Dupuy, Jean-Bernard Emond, Lionel Garnery and Nicolas Pollet along with ONF and the Parc Naturel Régional de la Haute Vallée de Chevreuse investigated the state of crested newts populations in the la Claye area in the Natura 2000 « Tourbières et prairies tourbeuses de la forêt d’Yveline » site.

In two days, 14 crested newts were found in 6 of the 12 ponds studied. Samples were obtained for the analysis of the microbiome of the newts in the framework of a study with L. Jardillier, D. Moreira et P. Lopez-Garcia (ESE) who sample microbial communities of one of this ponds since 2013.

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