The little things that run the world

P. Le Gall, L. Garnery et P.-A. Calatayud wrote an article about the insect decline in the United Nations journal, UN-Environment. The little things that run the world are disappearing and very few seem to care.

To read the article, please click here.

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Meeting with insects

P. Le Gall (DEEIT) invites you to learn about eatable insects Sunday the 20th of January at “La maison des insectes” run by OPIE.

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Interspecific variability in Drosophila

Jean David (IGGIPOP ) took part in the work ending with the publication of Nagy, O et al in Current Biology.

In this article, the authors showed that a single mutation contributes both to the loss of sensory organs under the phallus of some drosophila species and to the up sizing of a sex comb on their legs. This is the first report of morphological evolution between species occurring through the change of a single nucleotide.

These results were the basis of  a short article on the website of INSB in CNRS.

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