Jeudi de la Recherche

Nicolas Pollet (Polygnome) gave a conference to a group of general audience thursday the 1st of December in the framework of the « Jeudi de la Recherche » organized by the Centre de la Vulgarisation Scientifique and the Gif/Yvette administration ( The subject was the microbiota of amphibiens. It was followed by a visit of the lab.


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Empreinte du vivant l’ADN de l’environnement received a prize

The book Empreinte du vivant l’ADN de l’environnement coordinated by Dominique Joly (PACS), Denis Faure and Sylvie Salamitou (Communication of EGCE) and co-edited by CNRS and cherche-midi received the 2016 prize for environment of the Véolia Foundation. The prize was proclamed in the foire aux livres of Brive-la-Gaillarde the 6th of November.


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Book on the history of entomology

LivreYves  Yves Carton (DEEIT) authored a book entitled « Histoire de l’entomologie Relations entre biologistes français et américains 1830-1940 ». It is published by ISTE editions. The book depicts the relations between french and american biologists over a eventful century. The Academy of Sciences, letters and arts of Marseille will award the 16th of December 2016 the « Grand prix historique de Provence,  Prix du Maréchal de Villars » prize to Y. CARTON for this book.

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Bee health

Gérard Arnold (Evolbee) co-authored a report for European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) entitled « Assessing the health status of managed honeybee colonies (HEALTHY-B): a toolbox to facilitate harmonised data collection« . To read the report, please click here.

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Memory and drosophila

Frédéric Méry and his team (EPCC) were interviewed by a journalist of RTS for the program CQFD. The topic was memory . Experiments about memory of the choices of a group of drosophila and of social learning were described.

To listen to the program, please follow the link.

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