For the anniversary of L. Pasteur’s birth

For the celebration of L. Pasteur’s birth , the Académie des sciences publish several articles about his work.  Y. Carton (EGCE) wrote “Louis Pasteur face à la maladie du ver à SOIE (1865-1870) : du chimiste au biologiste”. It is about the time L. Pasteur consecrated to the study of a desease of the silk worm.

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Non-bees pollinators are neglected

Fabrice Requier and collaborators published in Trend in Ecology and Evolution an article highlighting the essential role of non-bees pollinators, too often neglected in studies on pollination, in particular for locally important crops. They also studied nocturnal pollination that occurs when bees are back in the hive and is thus performed by non-bees pollinators. To read the article:

This article was taken up by CNRS INEE:

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