EGCE and the Fête de la Science festival

EGCE lab will be at the science village at Le Moulon friday the 13th of October and sunday the 15th of October. 3 workshops will be held: Biocontrol of pests using a parasitic wasp/caterpillar model, Adaptation and speciation, and bees and odours.

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Tasty insects at the Quai Branly Museum

The authors of the book “Savoureux insectes – De l’aliment traditionnel à l’innovation gastronomique” (coedition Presses universitaires de Rennes/IRD, 2016) will talk about entomophagy or consumption of insects Sunday the 25th of June at the Quai Branly Museum from 4pm to 5.30 pm.

There will be a debate with Nicolas Césard, anthropologue, maître de conférences en ethno-entomologie au laboratoire d’éco-anthropologie et ethnobiologie, CNRS/ MNHN, Esther Katz, anthropologue, IRD et Philippe Le Gall, entomologiste, IRD (DEEIT).


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