A distinction for D. Joly

Dominique Joly received the “Médaille du Mérite” from Stéphanie Thiébault head of INEE, CNRS the 27 of February at Paris, campus CNRS Michel-Ange.

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Partnership price of ICIPE

Paul-André Calatayud (DEEIT) was awarded a price of partnership with ICIPE (Nairobi) through IRD. ICIPE distinguished his expertise in host-plant-natural enemy interactions.

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101 secrets de l’ADN

Dominique Joly (PACS) and Sylvie Salamitou (Communication) with Denis Faure (I2BC) managed the writing of a collective book named “101 secrets de l’ADN” published by CNRS Editions. The book is composed of 101 short chapters telling about actual researches using high throughput sequencing.

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Biocontrol: how insects fight a war for us

Laure Kaiser-Arnauld (DEEIT) and her team were interviewed by a journalist from Le monde.fr, Asia Balluffier. The topic was the ability of Cotesia to parasit and finally kill the Sesamia caterpillars, a corn pest.

A video displaying examples of biocontrol was shot in which sequences showing Cotesia parasiting Sesamia are included . This video is on free access on the Monde.fr web site: https://www.lemonde.fr/videos/article/2019/11/11/plan-b-comment-des-insectes-peuvent-sauver-des-millions-de-vies-humaines_6018790_1669088.html or on the Facebook page of the newspaper: https://www.facebook.com/lemonde.fr/videos/558264208282129/ .

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