Interspecific variability in Drosophila

Jean David (IGGIPOP ) took part in the work ending with the publication of Nagy, O et al in Current Biology.

In this article, the authors showed that a single mutation contributes both to the loss of sensory organs under the phallus of some drosophila species and to the up sizing of a sex comb on their legs. This is the first report of morphological evolution between species occurring through the change of a single nucleotide.

These results were the basis of  a short article on the website of INSB in CNRS.

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Edible insects

Edible insects are trendy: Philippe Le Gall (DEEIT) was invited to talk in the “Cabaret de la Science” broadcast led by Fred Courant from “L’esprit Sorcier” at the Cité des Sciences the 6th and 7th of October 2018. To listen to the broadcast, please click here.

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Fête de la Science

EGCE will be part of the Science Festival operation in the  Village des Sciences in Moulon friday the 12, saturday the 13 and sunday the 14 of October 2018 under the IDEEV banner . Come and have a chat with scientists about their researches!

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