Tasty insects at the Quai Branly Museum

The authors of the book “Savoureux insectes – De l’aliment traditionnel à l’innovation gastronomique” (coedition Presses universitaires de Rennes/IRD, 2016) will talk about entomophagy or consumption of insects Sunday the 25th of June at the Quai Branly Museum from 4pm to 5.30 pm.

There will be a debate with Nicolas Césard, anthropologue, maître de conférences en ethno-entomologie au laboratoire d’éco-anthropologie et ethnobiologie, CNRS/ MNHN, Esther Katz, anthropologue, IRD et Philippe Le Gall, entomologiste, IRD (DEEIT).


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EGCEriales day

EGCEriales day were held the 29 and 30 of may 2017 on the HEC campus. The different teams of EGCE gave presentations of their work, some of which by visioconference from abroad.

A storyfy twitter of these cessions was made, please click here.

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Land school in Gabon

Philippe Le Gall (DEEIT) and Nicolas Pollet (POLYGNOME) came back from a land school in Gabon (3 to 13 april). This land school fostered studies on the dynamics of forest structures in mangrove, the marine and freshwater biological diversity, the dynamics of coastal and estuarian diversity, biogeography and urban management, coastal sedimentation, ecotoxicology and the problems of waste, batrachology, entomology, mammals diversity and conflicts between humans and nature.

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