A new species of Cotesia sesamiae

Laure Kaiser’s team published results showing that the population of the tiny parasitoid wasps Cotesia sesamiae that infect the caterpillar of Sesamiae nonagrioides is in fact a new species. This work was published in Evolutionary Applications: read the original paper.

The work was used as material for a short communication of the INEE web site.

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Field training in Cameroun

Philippe Le Gall (DEEIT) organized a field school in Nord West Cameroun from the 15th of april to the 25th of april 2015. Nicolas Pollet (Polygnome) participated among other europeans and camerounaise teachers.

The french embassy published a post about this unique experience.

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The eatable insects

Frédéric Marion-Poll (Pacs) collaborated to the making of a reportage on eatable insects. The CNRS Le Journal web site put it on display.

The newspaper Le Monde chose it to go on its web site.

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