Hubert, Marteau


En charge des activités suivantes:

En charge du suivi d’une dizaine de colonies sur le site de Gif-sur-Yvette. En lien avec l’équipe de Jean-Christophe Sandoz, production de reines, mâles et ouvrières.
En lien avec Lionel Garnery, suivi des ruchers du CANIF (Cernay, Bullion, Rochefort).
Extraction du miel et entretien du matériel ( ruches et miellerie).

Éleveur-soigneur sésamies:
Avec l’équipe de Laure Kaiser-Arnauld, participation au suivi d’élevage des sésamies.

Bonoukpoé, Sokame

Postdoctoral consultant at ICIPE in Data Management, Modelling and Geoinformation Unit



Main responsibility: Implement a project on: “Measuring and modelling crop yield losses due to insect pests under a warming climate”


  • Develop a system dynamics model of the population dynamics of insect pest in cropping agroecosystems,  
  • Design and conduct experiments on temperature and CO2-dependent potential of insect pest to damage the host plant into phytotron,
  • Design and conduct experiments on damage-dependent yield losses into greenhouse,
  • Develop models with a process-based dynamic modelling (insect pest phenology and crop models),
  • Test, evaluate, and analyse the models for future predictions:
    • formulate and fit the damage functions representing the conversion of insect injury into yield loss,
    • formulate and fit the loss function converting injury into economic losses,
    • evaluate the developed model by comparing simulation outputs against observed datasets,
    • estimate the applicability of the model to new environmental conditions through comparison of the behaviour to key factors and processes.

Other responsibilities:

  • Develop methodological approach for predicting and mapping the phenological adaptation of tropical cereal crops (maize) using multi-environment trials,
  • Train on system dynamics modelling,
  • Supervise/assist under- and postgraduate students and technicians.


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